Friday March 9, 2012 LisaLesa’s MUST DO List

1) Get hair cut. Missed my last appointment. I am beginning to look like a Sasquatch.(seriously)

2) Go for really GOOD coffee beans and a new outfit to my fav consignment store.

3) Finish Erin. F’s Wedding Trio.

4) Clean up bench.

5) Get The Anchorman photograph Erin’s shoes for our soon to be featured Take a Walk on the Bride Side ™ page on

Where I plan to offer my custom services to Brides and Bridal parties.

Who dig custom work and are patient…

cuz my work takes time)

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  1. Lisa,
    This is a fan letter to say- you rock! I have enjoyed seeing your creative process and I am so impressed and inspired by what you have been doing – both creating and promoting. Right on sister!
    If you ever want to be a guest on my show let me know. It’s Friday mornings at 10 on CKUW. I have guests sometime and they talk about their work and their interests and what they love locally and otherwise. You get to choose some music to play. It is very informal. It is community radio. Think about it.


    1. I would love to see YOU and I just found this comment
      I am more into the arts then the techno crap

      Music I would pick Morphine
      You speak my language
      Name the day and I will be there…


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