I humbly offer my work to this Brave New World

When people refer to me as an artist

I always quickly add the words…



Just a hitch hiker really.

Driven to create.

Inspired by color…lighting  and ingenuity.

Creativity is born of Desperation.

Fellow Canadian  and actor Jim Carey said that.

The past 4 years of my travels have been a lot of both.

My work developed during the worst, most difficult and dark times of my life.

And yet  lighting was literally my inspiration!

My first works, Enlightened Thinking Collection is a celebration of seeing the potential in all things.

The thrift stored,

storage unit bound,

unwanted chandeliers and lamps of yesterday days living rooms and dining rooms.

All blank canvas.

All totally salvageable.

Bring me your Pole Lamps,

your candlesticks

your lamps…

I will transform them

In the style of  Dr.Suess…

make them new again.

And this soon became my raison d’etre.

Her royal “limeness” preparing for the Gala Event

My work helped me to grow as a person.

It steeled me against many things that had hurt me before.

I learned discipline.


How to be alone and to like it.

I also learned that I would do anything for my beloved family.

My wonderful Anchorman and our 5 girls.

As I worked,

I blogged and chronicled the difficulties my daughters were enduring as they tried to fit into to an urban school setting after growing up in a tiny rural town.

The effects of this  relentless bullying

one by one,

picked off my beautiful daughters, like tin cans at a firing range.


School refusal.

Home schooling.

Alternative options.

Too anxious to even walk into the building.

Unable to eat.

Unable to concentrate.


Self loathing.


Social Anxiety.

Cutting Behavior.

Eating Disorders.

Suicide attempts.




So much suffering..

Just for being new.


My daughters are not alone.

By no means.

The impact that bullying had on my own family made me even more determined to make my work speak louder.

Every lighting creation, shoe or purse that I created  was made to see the GOOD in everything and bring it out!

I built my crazy lighting to keep my girls going.

And drew lines and splashed color and glued and twisted and loved and hated every minute of it as it swam past me.

To keep my husband,

who was working 2 jobs.

70 hours a week…sane.

I quit my full-time job to take care of the girls…they were too sick to manage alone.

A mothers nightmare…

all your kids sick at the same time.

These old things will change.

This grey and damp

Clear blue and brighter days

Remember them and divine from them

Be strong

It will not always be this hard.

Just please DO NOT GIVE UP.

My work asks others to see the intrinsic value in things that they already own.

in relationships you have to things.

To people.

Are they sustainable.

Are they for building and creating?

or Tearing down.


What is important?

In the hands of a skilled Upcyclist or sustainable artist/designer

a brand new creation will result and pull brilliant sparkles and shines out of a previously weathered and worn patina.

Glint Eastwood is a prime example of this very phenomenon!

In 2008 I bought a desk lamp white linen shade and a chrome base.

I was a marketing and sales manager for a wedding and event venue in Winnipeg’s trendy Exchange District

It was very austere and I loved the way it looked on my desk at my home based office.

I had an office on site but preferred to work from home and visit clients on location.

Till  Tabs,

knocked it off the my desk and the shade was hopelessly ripped.

It is Okay Tabs…these things happen :)

I thought about it.

Just the shade is hooped…

everything else was still brand new.

And in “perfect working Order”

The shade was so specific to the lamp most people would have chucked it.

I deconstructed the shade and rebuilt a new one.

The shade itself is composed of other  found and discarded things.

Do you see where this is going?

Discarded Lamps.

Disregarded people.

Glint Eastwood

It was the gallery manager of the Edge Gallery who coined the Functional and wearable Art phrase for me.

Sustainable design and Art

That was back in 2010 and we were preparing my very first exhibit of Enlightened Thinking by LisaLesa.

The value of what I do is found in the joy it brings to me and the inspiration it sparks in others.

So too my Graffiti based styles may be off the wall..

they too have a street beat and a point about being an individual who is for positive change.

With my work you wear on your skids or your laptop case!

You can walk this life your way

and still be accepted.

Respected and treated okay.

Stay hopefull.

Keep busy.


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